Is it just me or the Lego Movie is exaggeratingly overrated?

4 thoughts on “Is it just me or the Lego Movie is exaggeratingly overrated?”

  1. I agree 100 percent. Everyone talks about how hilarious it is yet its humor consists of cliche predictable humor with zero subtlety. I expected this for a kids movie so I had no problem at first until I see reviews saying its fucking shakespeare and the funniest thing ever written. It wasnt even an awful movie but the fact that it is getting a 98 on rotten tomatoes (which gave some genius comedys under a 50) made it very disapointing

  2. Hear hear!! It’s massively overrated, people become indoctrinated by social media and critics into believing that one has to believe it’s the best thing since sliced bread else they’re cretins.
    I got bored and couldn’t even finish it and I’m very tolerant movie-wise.

  3. All of the adults at work were raving over this movie so my girlfriend and I decided to watch it and thought it was pretty dull. It was well done but the story was so predictable and contrived. I expected better innuendos and jokes geared towards adult audiences as animated kid movies typically do.

  4. I agree with everyone here. I was fooled by all the glowing reviews and everyone (and I mean everyone) gushing over this dull, mediocre film. The animation’s cool and ….well, that’s about it. I cannot for the life of me understand why Adults are hailing this movie “brilliant”, “a masterpiece” ect. Every time I listen to the masses I am inevitably disappointed. I felt the same way about Frozen.

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