The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – A Story about Courage

I was a little excited when I walked into the theater for the movie. Firstly it’s because of Ben Stiller, an actor with pretty solid portfolios (most of which that I love), and secondly it’s the theme of the story. Some say the movie is like the modern Forrest Gump, and who doesn’t love that story? An ordinary person (so ordinary we even think that we’re better) experiencing some changes in life and going through an extraordinary adventure. We always want to know how the story turns out, hoping to find something heroic and brave, thing that we can redirect our dreams to. That’s the sort of expectation I had walking into the theater.

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I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed to find out that the movie tells a way simpler story. There’s nothing very dramatic in there. Most of the exciting scenes you saw on trailer were only happening in the head of Walter Mitty when he zoned out (which he frequently did). The movie takes a more natural approach, it’s almost like Walter was caught up in the ‘adventure’ without he really wanting to be a part of it. But it’s not lame at all this way, I find myself enjoy the story a lot more than what I expected earlier. Continue reading “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – A Story about Courage”


Frozen – The musical animation is back!

The latest holiday movie by the Disney animation studio – Frozen is a lovely, fun, and heart-warming story. The very production house who created many classics since 1930s (including most of my favourites: Cinderella, Lion King, Little Mermaid, and more) has made another classic again. And I’m so excited they brought the musical back! For once I thought they were never gonna do this again, since the last two productions, Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, aren’t really that much of a musical. I’m happy that my guessing was wrong.

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Frozen is a story about two princesses. The elder sister, Elsa, was born with the magic power of freezing things; and the younger one, Anna, is a normal but charming, passionate girl who loves to have fun and play. One incident of Anna injuring from playing with Elsa’s magic has determined their parents (the king and queen) that Elsa must conceal her magic and stopped making contact with people. Just when you thought things have turned bad enough for the sisters, their parents died from a shipwreck not long after, leaving them alone in the castle. As much as they need each other for consolation, Elsa insisted on holding on to what her parents had taught her: closing herself off from the world. The story begins when Elsa accidentally lost control of her magic during her coronation day. She ran away to the mountain in fear and Anna set out to find her.

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The Hunger Games Sequel – Finally making some sense

After about one and a half year since the release of the first Hunger Games movie, the sequel is finally out. I’m glad that it is better than the first movie. The casts and visual effects are still as amazing, and more importantly, the story explains more about the rationale behind the hunger games. Putting people into the ring to see them fight each other is always exciting to watch, that’s what all the first movie is about and it’s boring. Good thing is, the second movie is taking a wider angle on the story.

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