Pixar’s Inside Out Has Addressed the One Major Key About Mental Health

Photo source: forbes.com
Photo source: forbes.com

Pixar Animation Studio never fails to warm our hearts with great stories that not only are children’s favorites, but also great materials for adults to enjoy. We had our hearts broken for Carl and Ellie’s love story; our tears shed for Wall-E’s innocent love; and our fists clenched for all the adventures we went through with Woody, Buzz, Sullivan, Nemo, The Incredibles… Oh man, I can’t stop. Just when I¬†thought the stories couldn’t get any better, Pixar’s new feature film ‘Inside Out’ once again blew my mind away. It was a brilliant story with great life wisdom, and something that would actually mean more to a grown up.

The story started out with the common ideology about happiness

This is what happens in our brain when we're making new memories! Photo source: disney.wikia.com
Memory balls
Photo source: disney.wikia.com

The film visualized our memories with shiny, metallic balls, which its color represents the emotion that the memory ties to. When the main character – Riley grew up happy, her core memories were consist of all golden memory balls. That was great, because filling up our life with happy memories is what considered to be our ultimate goal. So it’s only normal to let Joy takes over, the conscious in our mind that’s in charge of happiness. “We should face any life circumstance there is with joy”, because positivity is what gets us through, nothing else. The irony reflected in Inside Out was real, how many times have we been told that in order to feel happy, we must keep our sadness in check? And not to let bad emotions¬†take over our mind because they are destructive and undesirable? Continue reading “Pixar’s Inside Out Has Addressed the One Major Key About Mental Health”