The philosophy of Mr. Robot

You must have heard of the show. The Golden Globe winner for Best Television Series – Drama has created yet another legend in TV industry. Born from a script meant for the big screen, the show has elevated the standard of TV shows to a new high, impressing the audience with its breathtakingly incredible screenplay.

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The first-person narration is a key highlight on the show. Nothing is more intriguing than being led into a story which turned out to be misleading. You get to live inside the world of a mentally unstable character, and follow the path of his thoughts of being an anti-social. The technical details shown in the show are surprisingly comprehensive too. The creators are really serious about making the content as technically accurate as possible, resulting in a story that appears to be very professional and persuasive. Continue reading “The philosophy of Mr. Robot”


Dallas Buyers Club – True story of a tough man with a soft heart

Heyyaa people! Sorry it’s been a really long time since I posted something here. I was on vacation!! Good to be back though, I’ve watched plenty of huge movies during my holidays and now it’s time to tell you what I think. Let’s start with this one which I’ve watched like 3 weeks ago (oops). It was an early movie preview in a premium cinema so I reckon what I have to say might still be valuable for someone out there (ehem).

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The story of this movie is about Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey), a drug-taking, rude, homophobic man. In fact, he is the kind of man I can never get to know, the kind that I never like (the arrogance, the filthy vocabs), who knew one day I would learn about his story and tear up over it (seriously)?
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