Where Human stands in the eyes of the animals on The Jungle Book

The recent adaptation of the Disney’s classic animation “The Jungle Book” by director Jon Favreau is not going to get a better timing than now for the remake. Other than the facts that the CGI technologies today are going to make the animals look awesome and alive, it’s also because of the increasing awareness in environmental sustainability among the society.

The Jungle Book live action movie

When the animation came out in 1967, the songs became instant hits. Almost every child at home knew about the little boy in red pants, and the grey sloth bear who sings “The Bare Necessities”. But that was the time when the world’s economy was starting to grow, and people were more keen on exploiting than sustaining the nature. The idea of a little boy communicating with animals and living among them was fun, but only served as an entertainment back then.  Continue reading “Where Human stands in the eyes of the animals on The Jungle Book”


The Good Dinosaur Brings Back the Good Old Disney Magic

Photo source: zitomedia.net
Photo source: zitomedia.net

Pixar’s new animation “The Good Dinosaur” arrived in the cinema a few days ago. From the creators of “Toy Story”, the new movie once again brings a fun theory to the screen. What if the prehistoric giants have never gone extinct, and they came across our ancestors? With several more millions of years of history, could they be more intelligent than human? This concept amazed me already at the very beginning of the movie, and I was super excited to find out how it develops. Yet, the story takes quite a different path as it progresses. I can’t say the way it plays out is bad, because it’s not. The movie is fun and inspiring, and it brought me to tears several times. I love the screenplay very much, but there’s one voice in my head that hopes it could have gone the other way. Continue reading “The Good Dinosaur Brings Back the Good Old Disney Magic”

Is Predestination a lousy stunt or just bizarrely brilliant?

The movie “Predestination” hit the theaters since December 2014 and has been receiving contradicting comments from the public. Some people say it’s the best mind-twisting movie of all time; and some say it’s utterly silly. Who can blame them? The movie tells a story that literally challenges the boundary of our imagination, and with something as crazy as that, not everyone can come around with it. It’s clever, stunning, outrageous, dark, twisted…it’s everything unusual, which makes it a very hard story to tell.

Written and directed by the Spierig brothers, “Predestination” is an adaptation of the well-known time travel short story written by Robert A. Heinlein – “All You Zombies”. The story revolves around a center character who was a temporal agent under a secret organisation that aimed to “correct wrongdoings” with their time travelling technology. In the time of the movie, the character was about to embark on his last mission, which was to ensure his own existence by keeping his life loop going. Continue reading “Is Predestination a lousy stunt or just bizarrely brilliant?”

Rise of the Legend Gives you a New Look at the Famous Kung Fu Master

Rise of the Legend is a Chinese Kung Fu Film, directed by a young, rising Hong Kong director Roy Chow Hin Yeung and starring Taiwanese young actor, Eddie Peng. Rise of the Legend Chinese movie is new to my blog, this is actually the first time I’ve decided to talk about it in here. Honestly, I’ve stopped following Chinese films since years ago because of their rather dull story design. Films produced in Hong Kong, particularly, were once very popular among the Chinese society especially for their gangster films and also, the Kung fu movies. Unfortunately, Continue reading “Rise of the Legend Gives you a New Look at the Famous Kung Fu Master”

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Could Have Been Better

…but it wasn’t.

It bugs me a lot that the sequel of the hit animation film by Dreamworks studio didn’t end up brilliant. “How To Train Your Dragon” is an amazing film, and in my opinion, the best work from Dreamworks. The characters and story line are brilliantly designed and carried out. It makes you laugh and cry at the same time, and you would crave for more when the credit rolls. The sequel that released this summer was certainly one of the most anticipated film this year, but something isn’t right about this new story.

Photo credit: legendarium.mymiddleearth.com

Continue reading “How To Train Your Dragon 2 Could Have Been Better”

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Is Not Better Than The First One

Photo credit: collider.com
Photo credit: collider.com

We all love hero movies. Who isn’t thrilled to see poor, helpless citizens saved by a cool, good looking hero in his tight outfit? The Amazing Spiderman sequel continues to showcase its heroic quality, starting off with spidey swinging around in New York city and fighting crimes, while he was late to his own graduation. To be honest, the opening is a bit old. This is the fifth Spiderman movie (including the Raimi’s trilogy), we’re still seeing the same car chasing scene, criminals who are so arrogant and badass that even the entire NYPD couldn’t do anything to stop him, and finally how Spiderman swings his way to saving the day. Fortunately, the performance of Andrew Garfield has certainly made it very pleasing to watch. Continue reading “The Amazing Spiderman 2 Is Not Better Than The First One”

Transcendence – Great Actions for a Small Cause


When I saw the ‘digitized’ face of Johnny Depp on the movie poster, I was instantly persuaded that this movie shall be a unique one. I still thought so when the movie began with a fancy and mysterious opening. But as the story progressed, it hit me that the tale was merely an old vintage human-computer sci-fi movie. The story logic is actually simple, straightforward and at some point implausible even, despite the advance-looking introduction at the beginning of the story. Cinematography wise, the movie is remarkable. Directed by Christopher Nolan’s long time partner and cinematographer – Wally Pfister, this is certainly expected of the movie and no doubt, has immediately brought the movie above the audience’s eye-level. Nonetheless, the quality of the story doesn’t quite make justice to the excellent visual. Continue reading “Transcendence – Great Actions for a Small Cause”